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Wean Green - Kuchynský štartovací det

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Product Discription
Wean Green’s food storage containers are made of the purest, most natural and infinitely recyclable material-glass. 5 times stronger than regular glass, the containers are impermeable, non-porous and eliminate chemical migration and stains. Not even BPA, PVC, Phthalates, or Lead can hide in Wean Green’s transparent tempered glass containers!

Why Do We Love Glass?
Free of nasty chemicals (BPA, PVC’s or phthalates that may be harmful to your child)
4-5 times stronger than regular glass – Psst! We even tried running them over with our car and they still didn’t break!
Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
Impermeable glass will not stain – think tomato sauce!
100% recyclable glass (infinitely)
Stock your kitchen cabinets with all the tempered glass food storage containers you need! From leftovers to condiment storage the Kitchen Set will have your covered. Use for yourself or as a great wedding gift! The Kitchen Set contains one of each: Wean Cube, Wean Tub, Wean Bowl, Snack Cube, Lunch Bowl, Lunch Cube, Meal Bowl and Meal Cube.

Perfect for Storing:

Batch Cooking
Key Features:

Set of 8
One of each Wean Green container
BPA, PVC, Phtalates free